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No matter what the reason is for your data loss Budget Data Recovery has the team of data recovery experts to quickly and safely recover your data. Our professional data recovery services for businesses and private users are particularly designed to be cost-effective. We have recovered data from almost every possible cause of data loss, such as deleted or overwritten files, crashed hard drives, broken RAID arrays, floods, fire and lightning strikes.

We use state of the art tools and employ highly trained and experienced data recovery technicians helping our customers to get the best available data recovery service at a very competitive price.

Call 224-475-1077 if you’d like to talk to one of our data recovery team members right away to discuss your particular data recovery needs. You can also start the new case and get your drive to us for an assessment by clicking the link below.

Deleted Data Recovery

If you regularly use a computer then you’re bound to do it at some point in time; delete data unintentionally. It could be you accidentally selected the wrong files, folders, or emptied the recycle bin without realizing that there was something important in there. Now, you need deleted data recovery.

You can read more about it here.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Budget Data Recovery is a premier provider of hard drive data recovery services. We handle the tough recovery cases that even the large labs give up on. Regardless of the HDD model, brand, or interface type, Budget Data Recovery has the technology and expertise to successfully extract the data. Even if you’ve previously had your drive looked at, we may be able to help.

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Apple Drive Data Recovery

At Budget Data Recovery we are able and ready to handle your Apple data recovery needs because we are Apple data recovery experts. Whether you have accidentally deleted your files from your Apple formatted external hard drive, dropped your MacBook or cannot access the data on your Time Capsule, we can get your files back.

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Flash Media Data Recovery

Whether you are an elementary school teacher with all your school notes and grades stored on a USB thumb drive or a professional photographer with a wedding shoot on a CF card, when the device fails, the sense of panic starts to set in. Now that you found Budget Data Recovery, you can sit back and breathe again while our team recovers the data from your failed flash device.

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NAS and RAID Data Recovery

If you are confronted with a failing or failed RAID array, you are encouraged to call Budget Data Recovery at 224-475-1077 and talk to one of our data recovery team members right away. We will advise you on the best course of action that will help ensure that no further damage is caused to the critical data stored on the array.

Our process is outlined here.

Free Hard Drive Wiping Service

We also offer free hard drive wiping service. To be sure your data is gone forever and can’t be recovered, why not have a team of data recovery experts handle erasing the data for you.

Details can be found here.

Other Reasons To Choose Budget Data Recovery

  • High Success Rate of Recovery
  • Free Evaluation of Any Media
  • Free Second Opinion Evaluation (If another company deemed the HDD unrecoverable)
  • Affordable Tier Based Pricing
  • Great Customer Reviews
  • Data Recovery Guarantee – No Data = No Charge

Give us a call at 224-475-1077 or contact us online to see how we can help with your hard drive data recovery project.

Lost Data

Let us help

Lost Data

Let us help

Those guys are great! Got back every bit of my data. Very fast and the price was very reasonable as well. They also instructed me on how to keep proper backups so i can avoid the risk of data loss in the future. While I hope I never need their help again they will be the the first folks I'll call if I ever do.

Patrick D.

Fox Lake, IL.

Backup Data Recovery saved me big time! I was in the middle of writing my dissertation when my hard drive died on me. My last backup was over a month ago which was useless since all my work was done in the last week. They very quickly recovered everything so I could get back to work. Highly recommended!

Mark H.

Lake Zurich, IL.

My hard drive was clicking and acting up. I tried to pull the data off but I only managed to get about half of what I needed to keep. Took it to them and they were able to recover all the files I needed. They are very knowledgeable and quick.

Bill T.

Gurnee, IL.